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Iren Istvanne Nemeth, 71, is comforted by church volunteers, a few days after being released from the hospital from burns caused by an industrial accident resulting from a rupture in a toxic alumina sludge reservoir at a nearby plant and the same day she began to move into the homeless shelter established by the church, "New Beginnings," in Devecser, Hungary on November 22, 2010.  Istvanne Nemeth lost her son, Istvan, 52, in the accident and was left homeless in the wake of an industrial accident at the MAL plant in nearby Ajka, Hungary on October 4, 2010, and has been staying with her daughter, Erzsebet, since then but says her daughter's extreme medical difficulties mean the solution must be a temporary one; "I have had a difficult life," Istvanne Nemeth said, expressing outrage at watching the director of the MAL plant responsible for her injuries and current state deny the hazard caused by the accident on television while she was in the hospital for six weeks in Budapest.