Maidan Heroes (UKR)

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Olesya, 21, a volunteer nurse on Maidan Square from Kremenec, revisits the spot where she was injured in Kiev, Ukraine on April 5, 2014.  Olesya was shot through the neck, famously tweeting "I'm dying" immediately after it happened; she was operated on quickly and survived.<br />
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"I'm blaming the previous authorities, Yanukovych and those in power who followed his orders for what happened to me.  From the very beginning I was supporting the student demonstrations and all these clashes with students really annoyed me.  I was here from December 4.  I really support an association agreement with the European Union.  I want to see a free and independent Ukraine from Russia.  I want Russia to call back their military troops.  We want normal authorities who will do their jobs properly, who will really value people and serve the people.  Because of Maidan people understand that they really love this country. Something woke up in them, they are awake and loving and taking care of this country."