Maidan Heroes (UKR)

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Volodomyr, 42, an aerospace engineer from Kiev, sits on Volodomyska Hill near Maidan Square in central Kiev, Ukraine on April 7, 2014.  Volodomyr was shot in the torso and the bullet entered his bladder on Hrushevsky Street on February 18, 2014 near the Hotel Ukraine; Volodomyr was scheduled to leave for surgery in Italy two days after this portrait was taken.<br />
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"I was coming from time to time to Maidan.  When they started storming Maidan in February, I was near there and I just grabbed a plank of wood as a weapon and ran there.  I blame the previous authorities.  The people on the Maidan did not provoke the shootings, the people were unarmed.  Even when there were machine guns, people were unarmed.  Any video from the 20th you can see the people are unarmed.  People came into the hail of fire to take the injured away.  Yanukovych is a criminal, how could he rule the country?  It's not finished yet.  The political faces are still old.  Yes, we can say the highest person has changed, but the rest of the faces are still there.  We want our own Lech Walesa to come and clean up the system."