Maidan Heroes (UKR)

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Andrey, 24, of Brovary is operated on to have stitches and shrapnel removed in a makeshift clinic near Maidan Square in Kiev, Ukraine on April 3, 2014.  Andrey was injured in the left leg, torso and arm as well as the right ankle and face by a flash grenade packed with nails and other shrapnel to maximize injury at the intersection of Institutskaya and Shovkovychna Streets just before snipers attacked the Maidan Square on February 18, 2014.<br />
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"I was against the authorities led by Yanukovych.  I didn't like that the number of police was greater than the number of soldiers.  You could see what kind of a country Yanukovych was building.  All of the money of the country was stolen.  Of course I am expecting something better but I understand that after revolution things will not be better for awhile.  The best hope is a renaissance of the Ukrainian people and culture.  What Ukraine needs is for nobody to disturb this country."